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Blasphem - Me... [Feb. 19th, 2006|08:35 am]
[mood |hornyhorny]

Blasphem - YOU!

Blasphem every one in the room...

So this morning I woke up with a raging hard-on. I reached down to my boxer briefs and began subconsciously to stroke it... until I heard what was on the television...

BF left the television on last evening, and I was awoken to the sounds of a Sunday morning sermon from a holy roller! Talk about instant flaccidness... o.O

Came downstairs to throw my clothes in the dryer, and started thinking about some of the things that I witnessed yesterday that made me think bad thoughts. Thought I would post them here privately to share with the world how perverted I am... tehe. After a certain point, this becomes a story. You be the judge where...

Was down in Los Angeles yesterday with some friends, buying fabric for various things. I was in one store in particular because I needed to get a specific and expensive fabric for a friend of mine up north. The clerk there was cute. A fair-skinned Latino with really pretty grey-green eyes, which were not contacts. He was even freckled in a cute sort of way, and was wearing the standard "homeboy" attire - loose fitting jeans, the ubiquitous sports jersey, and a hat over his close-cropped hair. He wasn't sexy in the standard sense... he was cute and fuckable however with his certain innocence factor. Much short than me, he was a little over 5 feet tall. And he spoke with such a sexy broken accent...

I was pulling out my checkbook to pay for the fabric, and he spotted my wallet. "I like your wallet. Where you got it?" he asked me.

I wasn't quite ready to hear him talk, lost in my own lustful thoughts I was, "Oh I got this years ago... at Target."

"I really like it. It's not too big. All of the other ones I have been looking at are too big." again with that same cute broken English.

I couldn't help myself so I dead-panned, "Well, sometimes big is okay to. You can do more with a big one."

He looked at me kinda perplexed after that, like he was trying to figure out what I said vs. what I meant. I looked at him and gave him just a slight smile, and his eyes about bugged out of his head. I turned to the owner, who in his own way was fuckable (if you are into middle eastern guys, which I kinda am depending on their attitude), and proceeded to haggle over the price of my fabric. As I was writing out the check, I asked the owner if I could use the restroom. He nodded and asked the clerk to show me the way.

We walked outside, and around the corner to the private restroom for the building. I call it private because it is locked from the outside world and it is mostly only used by the employees and shopkeepers. The clerk unlocked the door for me, opened it and held it so that I could enter. I said thanks, and stepped inside. It was a clean bathroom, some grafitti but not much. I walked over to the urinal, and proceeded to do my business. I could hear the clerk come in behind me, and he stood at a fair distance away, waiting for me to finish. I figured I'd really fuck with him... he was that cute and innocent... once I was finished peeing, I turned around with my dick still in my hand, but covered and proceeded to zip up. Again, his eyes went wide, and his little mouth formed an "O". But he was looking, that I could tell. I walked over to wash my hands... wondering how I should handle the situation. Apparently he had been thinking about it as well, because he went to pee... and made a show of pulling out his cock and peeing at such an angle that I could see him in all his glory.

I walked over to him as he was finishing, and thought "Well it's now or never" and stepped right next to him, placing my hand over his that was fumbling with the front of his pants. "What's you name?" I whispered in his ear.

"Jesus." He answered.

I reached down and grasped his cock, which was at this point rock hard. It was about 5 inches and uncut, but pretty thick. I skinned back the head and started playing with his glans. He moaned...

"Do you like this Jesus?"

"Si senor...ay..." he whispered.

I pulled him away from the stink that was the urinal, and threw my own sweatshirt on the floor. I pulled off my t-shirt, and used them both to kneel on in front of him. I took his cock in my mouth. He again hissed... suddenly pulling out. I thought maybe he'd chickened out and was running, but no he stumbled acrossed the room and threw a slider bolt on the door. He came back to me grinning.

"I like you. You want maybe to finish, senor?" he asked me, again... innocently like a Raphaelite cherub.

I pulled him close to me, dropping his pants around his ankles, and proceeded to swallow his member whole. He gasped again, and started a low moan as I feasted on his cock... enjoying the spicy-salty-sweet precum that was copiously oozing out of his dick. I started to work my way down to his balls - savoring the flavor again as I rolled them over my tongue. I reached back and began massaging his ass... feeling around to see if he would let me have him like I wanted him. When I reached his pucker, and felt him push back against my finger, I knew I needed his hot ass... I pulled up off his cock, eliciting a groan and a look of confusion on his face, because he was certainly enjoying my sucking him. I flipped him around and faced him toward the sink and counter... and watched the perplexed look on his face as I bent him over. I spread his cheeks and began my feast.

The look on his face as I was rimming him was almost too much. Poignant and suprised, he was in seventh heaven as I tongue bathed and fucked his tight little asshole. He very soon got into it, and was pushing back on my face as much as I was pushing into him. I began working a finger or two into his ass... and again he pushed back and was riding my fingers like a cock. He was tight though. I was pretty sure he'd never been fucked. He was just a natural bottom. I pushed my two fingers into his ass, and found his prostate. He began cursing and bgegging in rapid Spanish. I reached around to his cock and felt that it was slick with precum... I jacked him gently with one hand as I licked and finger fucked him with the other.

Using his copious precum, I lubed my cock. I stood up behind him, and started to rub my dick across his already puffy and wet hole. His eyes were tightly closed, and I do not think that he realized what I was doing. I pushed his shirt up his back, and slowly started working my cock into him. He was so relaxed and in the moment, he didn't realize what was up until my head past his ring... then he tense and again, I was greeted with eyes like saucers. I whispered in his ear, "It's okay man. It will feel good, I promise". And with that I slowly pushed the rest of me into him...

He moaned and screamed at my intrusion, and tried to break away from me. I wrapped my arms around him and pushed deeper. I could see tears in his eyes; I honestly hoped I was not hurting him. I held him closed and nibbled and kissed the back of his neck and the sides of his face until he relaxed. His cock, which had gone completely soft at this point hardened instantly, and continued it's drooling. I felt my pubes agains his smooth, creamy ass and I was in. He gasped, because obviously I was pushing right into his prostate. I began pulling out, and the look on his face was priceless. He was definately enjoying it now. I wanted to be closer to him... so I pulled out, turned him to face me, pulled off his jersey and t-shirt, exposing his creamy hairless chest. His skin was so soft and so beautiful. Not dark like most Latinos, but more like a creamy coffee color. He looked at me dazed. I pulled his shoes off him, and proceeded to strip him down to nothing. He wore a cross around his neck, like a good Catholic should. I lifted him up into a hug, and wrapped his legs around me. He instinctively cuddled me, and moaned again as he realized that my cock was again in his ass, and he was riding me. I turned and held him against the wall and fucked him this way while looking into his beautiful eyes. They were all glassy from pleasure overload, and his lips were parted in such a way that I couldn't help but kiss them. He startled, but then leaned into the kissing as much as he was enjoying the fucking.

His kisses were so sexy... primal. He was such a virgin I doubted that even at this point he'd ever been kissed. He squealed as I took one of his nipples into my mouth on a downstroke. That was his trigger. I could suddenly feel a rush of cum between us spouting from his cock. I looked down to see his cock spewing like a volcano, pouring his lava between us. He was so tight at this point I buried deeper into him, him holding onto me desperately as I pumped him full of my own load.

We both gasped. I held him tightly against that wall until my cock wilted out of him. I sat him down on the counter, and proceeded to clean him up. He was grinning from ear to ear. I kissed him again for that grin. Nothing else was said between us. He helped me clean up, and I think I surprised him by eating my cum out of his hole. He was hard again, but I knew we'd never have time for round 2 before the owner started looking for his clerk. Dressed and refreshed, we walked back to the store. The owner looked up at us rather boredly, and I explained the long time we'd been gone by clutching my stomach. He nodded like he understood. Jesus went and grabbed my bags for me. He walked me to the door of the shop, and while handing them to me he said, "Thank you Senor, you such a good customer. You back soon, right?" I laughed, set the bags down, and handed him my business card. He slipped it in the front pocket of the t-shirt under the jersey. He placed his hand on my shoulder as a silent goodbye. I squeezed it gently, and I left.

So there I was shuffling for the remote to shut off the bloody sermon I woke to, when my boyfriend groggily looked up at me. "What's wrong?" he asked.

"You left the damned TV on. I woke up to 'Jesus loves you! Please give a love donation to help our cause... because there is a God somewhere...' you fucker!"

"The only Jesus that loves you Jayk is the one that clips the hedges," my boyfriend quipped.

If he only knew....
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Last Night [Jan. 24th, 2006|01:53 pm]
[mood |grumpygrumpy]

So I went to bed early last night. My boyfriend was working on a website for his job, and was trying to get something to work that wasn't. I was lying in bed naked, waiting for him to join me. Like usual, it seemed that he was avoiding the issue entirely.
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Introduction [Jan. 22nd, 2006|09:44 pm]
[mood |creativecreative]

In a seemingly normal world, there are those that exist among us that are never satisfied with the mundane. I am one of those people. I am a man who loves men in all their forms - although I must admit a penchant for the tall, dark and handsome variety. Lean and muscular, blue collared men who are firemen, policemen, or even just average joes looking for a decent living and decent wage. Also, let me clarify: I do not mean dark as in dark skinned or dark haired.

I mean dark.

As in they are dark. Smoldering flames in the darkness. The kind of guy that you would not take home to mom. The kind of guy that if you mother knew you were fucking him (or him fucking you) she'd have a heart attack. Although I think my mother would have a heart attack if she found me fucking any man...!

So welcome to my world. A swirling vortex of the darker nature of homosexual men... animalistic, raw, sweet, powerful and above all and no matter what - still romantic and hot.

My name is Jaykkob Liam Manuel Rodriguez-O'Hara. I am an Irish Latino American man, and I love sex in all it's forms. Pure and simple. I consider myself a bit of a nyphomaniac. I cannot never get enough... and I am hard to please. I am in a commited relationship, and no my partner does not know about this site. Which suits me just fine, because these are my fantasies, and my stories, and confessions that I have to listened to on a daily basis as a former phone sex operator.

So now you know me. Keep in touch...

~ Jayk
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